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Own Boat Training - Why it delivers a more relevant experience

For many years the focus has been on bringing students to RYA recognised training centres and delivering the tried and tested RYA powerboat training series as listed below with the emphasis on the RYA Powerboat level 2 course.

RYA Powerboat training Level 1RYA Powerboat training Level 2

Whilst the highest teaching standards are always assured, the one draw back this approach suffers from is students are rarely taught on a boat similar to their own boat they actually use back at home. A light rib with a petrol outboard (not that we have one we hasten to add) handles very differently to a larger sports cruiser with an inboard diesel.

What is more, a powerboater operating from one of the coastal ports east or west of the Isle of Wight is going to experience a different set of sea conditions to one operating from the relative sheltered waters of the Solent itself, notwithstanding the complex tides and shallow waters present in these waters.

It is obvious that the best training any student can receive is to have it on their own boat, in their own home waters.

Saltwater’s answer to own boat training at £299 per day for up to 3 persons (great value for money)

With all this in mind, we will be pleased to work with you to plan and run an affordable and relevant training course on your own boat.

Training can be organised for a single day, or more as required. (Hourly rate available also, call Will to discuss 01202 836721)

For example, you may have just bought a new boat?

We can probably save you a few hairy moments, and possibly avoid the odd scratch or two by teaching you the essentials of basic boat handling, not least of which is making sure you understand how to leave and return to your mooring or berth under different conditions with complete confidence.

Cracked the basics - but you’re now looking to travel further afield?

We fully understand why many smaller sports boat and power boat cruiser owners never travel more than a few miles either side of their home port. Unless you have been raised in a sea-going family with experience of making longer passages, the thought of running the tidal races off your local headlands is enough to deter many a responsible owner from travelling further afield.

We often work with our clients to plan a sea passage on their own boat they have never undertaken before. It could be a day trip a few miles further down the coast than they have ever travelled before. Alternatively, it could be a weekend trip across the Channel and back. Most people only have to be shown once how to plan and execute a safe passage to be able to enjoy a lifetime of pleasure repeating the exercise.

Do you know how to really use the electronics on your own boat?

You can lose hours reading the instruction manuals on how to operate your own boat’s navigational electronics and still be none the wiser when you next put to sea again.

Our instructors are experts on the use of such equipment and can show you the practical ways they can be used to aid your safe navigation when underway. Just as importantly, they can show the fall backs you need in place when the battery fails (which you can bet will happen when you least need it).

Call us on 01202 836721 to discuss your Own Boat Training options

All our training plans can include RYA powerboat qualifications such as Powerboat Level 2  if you wish. Whatever your powerboat training needs, our  in depth experience can help to ensure your powerboating experiences are safe and fun.

Season 2023/24

Season 2023/24
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Bespoke Tuition to suit your requirements, can also include crew training on your boat.
Call Will to discuss on
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Saltwater RYA Powerboat training centre is perfectly situated to offer on-the-water powerboat training on river, harbour and inshore waters

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