RYA Diesel Maintenance and emergency repair course

RYA Diesel Engine Maintenace Course

One of the things we all dread is engine failure at sea. This course is designed to drastically reduce the likelihood of a breakdown occurring in the first place, and also help you repair an engine failure at sea.

Diesel engines are, in concept at least, simple things. They need no complicated electrics to make them work, although these days, they do sport electronic control systems. This fundamental simplicity makes keeping them going through simple, routine maintenance relatively easy. On this course, we will teach you these fundamentals.

When they do fail, it is usually because the engine is being starved of fuel or is overheating through lack of cooling water. For most failure types, it is perfectly possible to fix the problem at sea provided you carry the requisite small number of spare parts and have the knowledge to identify the problem correctly.

After the course

You will have a much better idea of what makes diesels work, what spares you need to carry onboard and what to do with them if one of the more common problems develop at sea.

Course Content

1. How a diesel engine works

2. Routine engine and electrics maintenance

3. How to identify the cause of a failure

4. How to fix a fuel problem

5. How to fix a cooling problem

Course details

Previous experience required: None

Minimum age: 16

Duration: One day

Cost: £89

Season 2021

Season 2021
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